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In todays world, Apple has become a household name. From iPhones to iPads, it is the choice platform among thousands of people. Not only does Apple make their platform easy to use, they are also a reputable company who backs their products and only endorses softwares that are equally respectable.

The iPhone is perhaps the most popular brand of cell phone. Therefore, it is so important that parents have a way to monitor their child’s usage.

What Makes iKeyMonitor the Best Keylogger for iOS Devices?


There are thousands of competitors on the market, so what makes iKayMonitor the choice software for IOS devices? There is a baseline of features that all keylogger softwares have, but you have to dig below the surface to see what really sets one keylogger software apart from the next. The iKeyMonitor spy app can be used for all Apple devices. It logs all the keystrokes made by the user.

  • Specifically for iOS devices
  • Comprehensive set of features
  • Free 3-day trial
  • FTP and email log delivery
  • Outstanding support
  • Screenshot logging
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Multi-language support

You can see why so many Apple device users turn to iKeyMonitor for their monitoring needs. If you want to learn more about how it works, watch the video in this link: http://www.spyappreview.com/ikeymonitor/

Features to Assist with Keylogging

Here are the key features that make iKeyMonitor a clear choice for your monitoring of all IOS devices.

  • Logging of all visits to websites
  • Untraceable because it works in stealth mode.
  • Capable of taking screenshots to capture mischievous behavior.
  • Outstanding ability to log all text messages from an array of sources: instant messengers (IM), SMS, email, and the popular WhatsApp.
  • Logs hidden passwords entered through the keypad.
  • Record tracking of when monitoring began.


The most sought after feature for iKeyMonitor keylogger is the fact that it can capture any text entered into the monitored device. It does not matter what application is being utilized. There are so many cool features that make this software a clear choice for monitoring IOS platforms. It has never been easier to get the answers you need about your child’s Apple device usage.

Help Out Your Children’s Anti-Social Behavior

If your children are behaving anti-social lately, it’s time to help them out before it gets worse. Anti-social behavior is generally found in those who have very little or no regards for feelings, safety, rules or rights of others.

At an age of learning and playing, anti-social behavior can be very damaging. Parents are generally unknown of this condition. It’s only visible when the anti-social personality of your children seems to start affecting the surroundings in a bad manner.

Anti-socialism builds slowly. It may start from milder actions like living in one’s closed space and becoming secluded from outside world. Though gradually, it intensifies. The ways of your child’s thinking, understanding situations and communicating to others turn abnormal or destructive. It should be treated with concern to stop it from escalating further.

So what causes it? Its reasons are not stated clearly by medical science. But it is found to develop through life situations or environment around oneself. It has been related with inherited tendencies and genes as well.

In the modern world, everybody has a limited time to interact. Given that, many parents don’t have a healthy child-parent relationship, they fail to notice the behavioral changes in their children’s routine.

Psychologists have found that its major root is present in not having a healthy social life. Children who don’t have friends or who remain aloof, develop such disorders.

Adding to aggravate the situation, computers and internet are largely to be blamed as well. Giving in the demands of children, parents provide their kids with expensive gadgets like tablet. They never realize that unmonitored use of internet access can harm the mental growth of children with time.

The time that children should be spending in real life with real people is consumed by online activities. Overuse of such practice day and night makes them internet addicts. It has a counter-effect on their psychology. When they know they can start a relationship online, they negate the real world relations. Further, to meet new people in social establishment seems to feel unnecessary to them.

Once addicted, it becomes very hard for kids to resist the world of internet. And when applied any changes, they tend to respond in an aggressive or violent manner. It causes a grieve disorder as they repulse any solution that comes in their way.

Their parents can decide on children’s social behavior at an early age. One of the key aspects of preventing your children’s anti-social behavior is by monitoring their computers. Parents need to be aware in what manner their children are using tablets. They should give a healthy introduction of internet hazards to their kids in the beginning.

Ordinary parental controls are never enough for your children’s safety as they usually by-pass them. Parents need an effective stealth tablet monitoring software like PhoneSheriff. It gives you access to the list of web history, applications installed, contact info and GPS locations of your children’s tablet. With these and other many features of this tablet spy monitoring software, you can help out your children from anti-social behaviorism.

Smartphone and Tablet Monitoring Software for Companies

Modern business workplaceToday, smartphone and tablet monitoring software are great tools for companies as well as parents. Monitoring programs can be easily installed onto a smartphone or tablet to keep track of phone call info, SMS texts, apps installed, and just about all other activities taking place on the device. A key feature of these programs is the GPS tracking feature that keeps close tabs on the smartphone or tablets physical location. Although for some, smartphone and tablet monitoring software may seem a little bit intrusive, it is greatly acceptable and 100% legal when monitoring the device of your child or employee using a device issued to them by the company.

Many companies today buy smartphone and tablet devices with service plans and issue them out to employees for company use. This is done so employees can easily communicate with each other and clients to gain the upper hand in business. Unfortunately, while companies issue these devices for business purposes only, employees sometimes take advantage and use their company issued smartphone or tablet for their own personal gain. This is where smartphone and tablet monitoring software come in handy to track many employee activities performed on the device.

Companies that require their employees to travel different places from time to time typically search for methods to keep track of where they are or have been. With monitoring software installed on company devices, this is no longer an issue. Smartphone and tablet monitoring software is also beneficial when dealing with the many available, yet distracting apps available today. These apps can sometimes assist employees by making it easier for them to complete work related tasks. On the other hand, some social networking apps and game apps can distract employees from completing tasks.

Using the GPS signal of the monitored device, employers will know exactly where employees are when out of the office and even when they were in a particular location. Also, with these programs employers can restrict access to any apps they choose. This way, they can quickly and easily prevent employees from wasting invaluable company time when they should be working.

Software programs like this have many other monitoring and filtering features as well. Employers will be able to view all sent/received SMS texts, photos/videos taken, and even view all websites visited on the phone or tablet. After installation, even messages or calls that are deleted from the history log will not be a problem, as they have already been recorded prior to deletion.

When looking for smartphone and tablet monitoring software, a program like Mobile Spy by Retina-X Studios is the best investment to make. It can be a life saver, as well as a money saver in the event of employees trying to steal from the company. The Mobile Spy software is the ultimate solution for companies looking to keep an eye on employees and keep them honest.

Mobile Spy Review

Designed for parents and employers, the Mobile Spy software silently monitors your Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry smartphone in complete stealth. For many years this award winning software has provided such monitoring features as GPS tracking, websites visited, call log details, SMS texts, and more. Mobile Spy is even credited with being the first software to offer LIVE surveillance with its LIVE Control Panel monitoring feature. This feature shows an image of the actual screen of the phone while the child or employee uses it, and shows a map of where the phone is at any given moment, in real time.

Please note: Mobile Spy has removed the stealth monitoring feature from its app. The phone’s user will be notified they are being monitored. More information can be found at: www.spymobilereviews.com

mobile spy review

With the powerful new Mobile Spy version 7.0 software update installed onto your smartphone device, you will now have access to many more options. Mobile Spy adds to their list of firsts with innovative mobile monitoring features including some of the following:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • Twitter Logs
  • AOL Messenger
  • Blackberry PIN Messenger
  • Apps Installed
  • Apps Blocking
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Gmail App Log
  • YouTube Monitoring
  • Phone Usage Logs
  • iMessages
  • Remote Uninstall
  • More Download Options

Visit the Mobile Spy monitoring features page for a list of features currently available for the phone model you wish to monitor.

gps trackingUsing the new Mobile Spy version 7.0, parents and employers will be able to be more informed of how their smartphone is being used, while also being able to restrict certain use of the phone. For example, if a parent finds their teen excessively posting questionable posts on Twitter or Facebook, they can simply go to the list of apps installed and block all use of the app on the phone.

The way teens and young kids communicate with one another has changed over the years. Smartphones have even opened the door into the corporate world as iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones are used more and more every day. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can monitor your phone simply by going through the phone physically to find out what’s going on. Mobile Spy does the job of monitoring the phone for you; all you have to do is sit back and check the results.

The new Mobile Spy version 7.0 update continues to give parents and employers the peace of mind they seek in knowing how their smartphone is being used. Join the thousands of satisfied customers and see for yourself why it’s the most effective and reliable software in the market.

PhoneSheriff Review

Please note: PhoneSheriff has removed the stealth monitoring feature from its app. More info can be found here: www.phonesheriffreview.org

PhoneSheriff Review

Leading mobile monitoring software company Retina-X studios has worked out another upgrade for its already worthy PhoneSheriff monitoring and filtering software as the technology world keep evolving. The developers and engineers are working towards a better world class monitoring software that meets all needs of parents and employers.

Most smartphone monitoring software have logging and filtering options however they don’t take it to the next level. They may just provide you with very basic logging features and some filtering options and stop right there. With the PhoneSheriff 2.0 software, parents and employers get custom filtering and logging features to better keep track of their device. The complete experience of using it becomes centered on what you want to see and how quick one wants to access it.

Each child or employee is different and so the need to have different designs of filtering and logging content on the smartphone becomes a prerequisite. If your child loves games more than anything and has been gaming since they were 4 years plus hasn’t ever shown any sign of violence, abuse, obsession or withdrawals from other major things like real friends and school, you can’t stop him from using his adult rated online games as that would de-motivate him. Let’s discuss some of the prominent monitoring and filtering features available and see the difference how they have tried to make the experience with PhoneSheriff essentially BETTER:

  • Logging: A monitoring software must have recording of phone activities. To know the call logs, emails, chats/IMs and websites that are accessed on the phone is vital. The current PhoneSheriff 2.0 also provides logs of videos, calendar logs, and apps installed.
  • GPS Logging and Filtering: Most companies just provide for GPS tracking however PhoneSheriff 2.0 has really embarked on a high terrain by providing with geo-fencing as well as monitoring. With geo-fencing one can have virtual fences around kids and employees. By setting a virtual fence, parents and employers can get alerts if they cross that virtual fence.
  • Custom Filtering: Have the ability to set your predetermined websites for your employees and children. With user white and black lists, manually add the desirable websites and also have a category based list at our hand. Even filter contacts on the phone.
  • Get SMS Alerts and Emails: With this one of its kind feature that works perfectly in sync with the current need of busy lives of parents and employers, users get alerts for any profanity used on the phone, any SIM card changes, password errors such as intrusion by an unknown party, get emails for major logs decided by the user’s needs. These logs that one receives on email can be set for any time interval as well. Set custom alerts if you know they are more bent on using the smart phone for a particular bad obsession.

The new PhoneSheriff monitoring software version has been built keeping in mind the future so that most things are fool proofed to an extent. This software even offers remote uninstall feature, remote backup, device health info access from any private control panel and many more monitoring features. PhoneSheriff is completely stealth and supports operating system such as Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone. Be like other smart parents and employers and be best equipped with PhoneSheriff 2.0 in today’s high tech web 2.0 culture.