iPad Spy Apps


In todays world, Apple has become a household name. From iPhones to iPads, it is the choice platform among thousands of people. Not only does Apple make their platform easy to use, they are also a reputable company who backs their products and only endorses softwares that are equally respectable.

The iPhone is perhaps the most popular brand of cell phone. Therefore, it is so important that parents have a way to monitor their child’s usage.

What Makes iKeyMonitor the Best Keylogger for iOS Devices?


There are thousands of competitors on the market, so what makes iKayMonitor the choice software for IOS devices? There is a baseline of features that all keylogger softwares have, but you have to dig below the surface to see what really sets one keylogger software apart from the next. The iKeyMonitor spy app can be used for all Apple devices. It logs all the keystrokes made by the user.

  • Specifically for iOS devices
  • Comprehensive set of features
  • Free 3-day trial
  • FTP and email log delivery
  • Outstanding support
  • Screenshot logging
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Multi-language support

You can see why so many Apple device users turn to iKeyMonitor for their monitoring needs. If you want to learn more about how it works, watch the video in this link: http://www.spyappreview.com/ikeymonitor/

Features to Assist with Keylogging

Here are the key features that make iKeyMonitor a clear choice for your monitoring of all IOS devices.

  • Logging of all visits to websites
  • Untraceable because it works in stealth mode.
  • Capable of taking screenshots to capture mischievous behavior.
  • Outstanding ability to log all text messages from an array of sources: instant messengers (IM), SMS, email, and the popular WhatsApp.
  • Logs hidden passwords entered through the keypad.
  • Record tracking of when monitoring began.


The most sought after feature for iKeyMonitor keylogger is the fact that it can capture any text entered into the monitored device. It does not matter what application is being utilized. There are so many cool features that make this software a clear choice for monitoring IOS platforms. It has never been easier to get the answers you need about your child’s Apple device usage.