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Mobile Spy Review

Designed for parents and employers, the Mobile Spy software silently monitors your Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry smartphone in complete stealth. For many years this award winning software has provided such monitoring features as GPS tracking, websites visited, call log details, SMS texts, and more. Mobile Spy is even credited with being the first software to offer LIVE surveillance with its LIVE Control Panel monitoring feature. This feature shows an image of the actual screen of the phone while the child or employee uses it, and shows a map of where the phone is at any given moment, in real time.

Please note: Mobile Spy has removed the stealth monitoring feature from its app. The phone’s user will be notified they are being monitored. More information can be found at: www.spymobilereviews.com

mobile spy review

With the powerful new Mobile Spy version 7.0 software update installed onto your smartphone device, you will now have access to many more options. Mobile Spy adds to their list of firsts with innovative mobile monitoring features including some of the following:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • Twitter Logs
  • AOL Messenger
  • Blackberry PIN Messenger
  • Apps Installed
  • Apps Blocking
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Gmail App Log
  • YouTube Monitoring
  • Phone Usage Logs
  • iMessages
  • Remote Uninstall
  • More Download Options

Visit the Mobile Spy monitoring features page for a list of features currently available for the phone model you wish to monitor.

gps trackingUsing the new Mobile Spy version 7.0, parents and employers will be able to be more informed of how their smartphone is being used, while also being able to restrict certain use of the phone. For example, if a parent finds their teen excessively posting questionable posts on Twitter or Facebook, they can simply go to the list of apps installed and block all use of the app on the phone.

The way teens and young kids communicate with one another has changed over the years. Smartphones have even opened the door into the corporate world as iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones are used more and more every day. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can monitor your phone simply by going through the phone physically to find out what’s going on. Mobile Spy does the job of monitoring the phone for you; all you have to do is sit back and check the results.

The new Mobile Spy version 7.0 update continues to give parents and employers the peace of mind they seek in knowing how their smartphone is being used. Join the thousands of satisfied customers and see for yourself why it’s the most effective and reliable software in the market.