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PhoneSheriff Review

Please note: PhoneSheriff has removed the stealth monitoring feature from its app. More info can be found here: www.phonesheriffreview.org

PhoneSheriff Review

Leading mobile monitoring software company Retina-X studios has worked out another upgrade for its already worthy PhoneSheriff monitoring and filtering software as the technology world keep evolving. The developers and engineers are working towards a better world class monitoring software that meets all needs of parents and employers.

Most smartphone monitoring software have logging and filtering options however they don’t take it to the next level. They may just provide you with very basic logging features and some filtering options and stop right there. With the PhoneSheriff 2.0 software, parents and employers get custom filtering and logging features to better keep track of their device. The complete experience of using it becomes centered on what you want to see and how quick one wants to access it.

Each child or employee is different and so the need to have different designs of filtering and logging content on the smartphone becomes a prerequisite. If your child loves games more than anything and has been gaming since they were 4 years plus hasn’t ever shown any sign of violence, abuse, obsession or withdrawals from other major things like real friends and school, you can’t stop him from using his adult rated online games as that would de-motivate him. Let’s discuss some of the prominent monitoring and filtering features available and see the difference how they have tried to make the experience with PhoneSheriff essentially BETTER:

  • Logging: A monitoring software must have recording of phone activities. To know the call logs, emails, chats/IMs and websites that are accessed on the phone is vital. The current PhoneSheriff 2.0 also provides logs of videos, calendar logs, and apps installed.
  • GPS Logging and Filtering: Most companies just provide for GPS tracking however PhoneSheriff 2.0 has really embarked on a high terrain by providing with geo-fencing as well as monitoring. With geo-fencing one can have virtual fences around kids and employees. By setting a virtual fence, parents and employers can get alerts if they cross that virtual fence.
  • Custom Filtering: Have the ability to set your predetermined websites for your employees and children. With user white and black lists, manually add the desirable websites and also have a category based list at our hand. Even filter contacts on the phone.
  • Get SMS Alerts and Emails: With this one of its kind feature that works perfectly in sync with the current need of busy lives of parents and employers, users get alerts for any profanity used on the phone, any SIM card changes, password errors such as intrusion by an unknown party, get emails for major logs decided by the user’s needs. These logs that one receives on email can be set for any time interval as well. Set custom alerts if you know they are more bent on using the smart phone for a particular bad obsession.

The new PhoneSheriff monitoring software version has been built keeping in mind the future so that most things are fool proofed to an extent. This software even offers remote uninstall feature, remote backup, device health info access from any private control panel and many more monitoring features. PhoneSheriff is completely stealth and supports operating system such as Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone. Be like other smart parents and employers and be best equipped with PhoneSheriff 2.0 in today’s high tech web 2.0 culture.