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Smartphone and Tablet Monitoring Software for Companies

Modern business workplaceToday, smartphone and tablet monitoring software are great tools for companies as well as parents. Monitoring programs can be easily installed onto a smartphone or tablet to keep track of phone call info, SMS texts, apps installed, and just about all other activities taking place on the device. A key feature of these programs is the GPS tracking feature that keeps close tabs on the smartphone or tablets physical location. Although for some, smartphone and tablet monitoring software may seem a little bit intrusive, it is greatly acceptable and 100% legal when monitoring the device of your child or employee using a device issued to them by the company.

Many companies today buy smartphone and tablet devices with service plans and issue them out to employees for company use. This is done so employees can easily communicate with each other and clients to gain the upper hand in business. Unfortunately, while companies issue these devices for business purposes only, employees sometimes take advantage and use their company issued smartphone or tablet for their own personal gain. This is where smartphone and tablet monitoring software come in handy to track many employee activities performed on the device.

Companies that require their employees to travel different places from time to time typically search for methods to keep track of where they are or have been. With monitoring software installed on company devices, this is no longer an issue. Smartphone and tablet monitoring software is also beneficial when dealing with the many available, yet distracting apps available today. These apps can sometimes assist employees by making it easier for them to complete work related tasks. On the other hand, some social networking apps and game apps can distract employees from completing tasks.

Using the GPS signal of the monitored device, employers will know exactly where employees are when out of the office and even when they were in a particular location. Also, with these programs employers can restrict access to any apps they choose. This way, they can quickly and easily prevent employees from wasting invaluable company time when they should be working.

Software programs like this have many other monitoring and filtering features as well. Employers will be able to view all sent/received SMS texts, photos/videos taken, and even view all websites visited on the phone or tablet. After installation, even messages or calls that are deleted from the history log will not be a problem, as they have already been recorded prior to deletion.

When looking for smartphone and tablet monitoring software, a program like Mobile Spy by Retina-X Studios is the best investment to make. It can be a life saver, as well as a money saver in the event of employees trying to steal from the company. The Mobile Spy software is the ultimate solution for companies looking to keep an eye on employees and keep them honest.